With tonight being the last game at Candlestick Park for the San Francisco 49ers The Grant Napear Show dedicated a lot of the show to the game and the memories of Candlestick Park. Grant opened up the phone lines and had the listeners call in and share their favorite memories of the stadium whether it was baseball or football related.

Matt Barrows, writer for the Sacramento Bee, called in and talked about the game tonight and what he expects from the 49ers as well as a couple of things to look for with the team and some of the memories he has of the stadium.

Later on in the show Barbara Rust, otherwise known as Sign Lady came on the show and talked about the outpouring of support that she’s received from the owner of the Kings and all of the fans in Sacramento. She talked about her passion for the Kings and why she does what she does.

Grant’s rant talked about the Oakland Raiders and the uncertainty at quarterback this week between Terrell Pryor and Matt McGloin and how the Raiders, at least according to Grant, is still a dysfunctional team and wonders what to make of the team going forward.

Jason Ross ended the show talking about the 49ers and what he thinks about the game tonight as well as a few other things in the NFL including the Raiders and the Denver Broncos and how they’ll do in the playoffs.


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