By Tony Lopez

NATOMAS (CBS13) — A customer ordered food in a Del Taco drive-thru and then fell asleep, because he was drunk, according to Sacramento Police.

Dozens of vehicles go through the drive-thru busy fast-food restaurant, but when Freddy Oleagaspar, 22, pulled up to the window, the manager noticed something was wrong.

When the food was handed over, Freddy didn’t grab it. That’s because he was fast asleep behind the wheel.

Sacramento Police say he was passed out and is now suspected of DUI. They were tipped off by the manager, who called in the details of what happened in the drive-thru.

He allegedly drove from the drive-thru to a nearby parking lot, put his car in neutral with the parking brake on and the engine running, and then passed out again.

Employees say Oleagaspar came back to the Del Taco after his run-in with cops to apologize. While they accepted his apology, chances are the judge in his case won’t be as forgiving.

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