SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – More suspicious devices have been discovered on Sacramento State University Campus.

Four of the devices were found between Wednesday and Thursday. Some were reported near the Greenhouses and Guy West Plaza.

The discoveries prompted the evacuation of the school’s Non-Destruct Laboratory.

Since the school year began, 11 of the devices have been found on campus. Sacramento State University Police Chief Mark Iwasa did not describe the contents of the latest devices; however, he said they were similar in appearance to the seven others, which contained rocks, partial phone cords and junk. Because one of the devices found Thursday is larger than the others, Sacramento Police Department’s bomb squad was asked to investigate.

“In this particular case, it was larger than others we’ve seen. We couldn’t see inside, so the bomb squad came out and x-rayed it,” said Iwasa. “We’re approaching them like they could be dangerous. We’re rendering them safe so we make sure there isn’t a risk.”


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