TRACY (CBS13) — A Tracy mom has the art of couponing down to the point where sometimes stores pay her to shop.

Michelle Reis is feeding a family of five on $150 a month.

For her, saving money is something of an art form. After couponing the last six years, Michelle’s results are jaw-dropping.

“I’ve saved over $45,000,” she said. “You just gotta find the deals.”

The mother of three coupons every day on the long train ride to work so she can spend time with her husband and kids.

“I’m on the train cutting coupons, people look at me, but I just do it,” she said.

Reis says drug stores often have the best deals, and Walmart price-matches. She often brings her coupons there for one stop shopping. Sometimes, she comes out ahead and the store pays her.

“By the time I used coupons, they owed me $215,” she said.

When that happens, she gives the items to local charities.

Reis started the Coast To Coast Coupons group on Facebook, and even teaches couponing classes. This is in addition to her full-time job and being a full-time mom.

“I’m away from the house 13 hours a day,” she said. “I only see my kids half an hour a day, so I make it work.”

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