SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A psychiatrist has been accused of having inappropriate relations after at least two alleged victims came forward.

They accuse Dr. Lenton Morrow of having sex with them while being treated for suicidal tendencies and substance abuse at Heritage Oaks Hospital in Sacramento. The facility specializes in treating emotionally distraught patients.

“Commonalities are that both women are strikingly pretty,” said attorney Joseph George, who represents the victims.

He says the allegations came to light after the husband of one woman suspected something and the second victim told a social worker.

The complaint against Morrow says the relationships started with tight huge, then later placing his hands on the victim’s buttocks, kissing, and even asking one victim not to tell her husband or his wife.

“This patient has never received that much attention from a male in her life,” George said.

It allegedly went beyond just hugs and kisses, with the complaint stating he had sex with a patient in his office.

We went to Morrow’s home in Davis, but he didn’t answer. We also went to Heritage Oaks, where we were told he no longer works.

But we did find him at his private office in Sacramento. He was startled to see us and didn’t want to talk about the allegations.

We were told his attorney would get in touch, but so far that hasn’t happened.

The Medical Board of California is currently investigating the allegations against Lenton. The board says it can’t comment on a pending investigation, and until its done, Morrow is allowed to continue his practice.

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  1. Shari says:

    I hope you know that you will not get away with what you’ve done. If there’s anybody out there that has been sexually assaulted, please contact me.

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