SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — While Whole Foods isn’t commenting on a possible new location in Midtown Sacramento, businesses in the area are concerned.

Currently, the site at 20th and L streets is a parking garage and a vacant building. But according to the Sacramento Business Journal, it could soon be the site of the new grocery store.

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While some shoppers are expressing excitement at the possibility, not everyone is so stoked.

“I really don’t think we need anymore big grocery stores,” said Harinder Singh, who owns Pacific Market.

He says area markets like his have had a hard time seeing profits, and a Whole Foods would only make the situation worse.

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“I think it’s really going to hurt my business, plus all the corner stores,” he said.

Midtown currently has two grocery stores—Safeway and the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op. Residents are torn between thinking three’s a crowd and two isn’t enough.

The Midtown Business Association insists there’s enough business to go around.

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“If they do join our community, they will act as an anchor tenant to retain our retails which span from mom and pop businesses to start ups to larger retailers. We believe this market is populous enough to sustain the Natural Foods Co-op, Whole Foods and other grocers,” the group said in a statement.