By Dave “Deuce” Mason

Rock bottom for the Lakers?

Yes, this year has been terrible for the Los Angeles Lakers but is it all that bad?

The Clippers did beat the Lakers by 48 points on Thursday night—the worst loss in Lakers franchise history but the future may be fine.

The Lakers are positioned to have three players under contract next season including Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash (he’ll retire, right?) and Robert Sacre. Nick Young has a player option so worse case scenario they have four guys under contract.

They’ll also be armed with a top pick in June’s lottery, which happens to be one of the deepest drafts in NBA history.

Scot Pollard told me earlier this week that he believes Kansas big man Joel Embiid should go No.1 in the 2014 draft and Pollard believes he can be better than Anthony Davis of the Pelicans.

The 2013-14 Lakers are starting to look a lot like the 1996-97 Spurs who won 20 games in a year David Robinson played in only six games.

Well, the Spurs ended up with the No.1 pick and drafted Tim Duncan, and the rest of history.

Cap space in Los Angeles, some decent free agents (potentially Melo, LeBron, Bosh etc.), and a top pick? Yikes.

All Kings fans should bow down to the Basketball Gods and pray that the No. 1 pick doesn’t land in Los Angeles and return  the Lakers to basketball greatness.


What to Watch This Weekend:

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1.  No. 14-UNC vs No. 4Duke-6 p.m.-It’s early March and both teams are in the top 25…yes please! Add in Jabari Parker and you know I’m watching.

2. WWE Network-Come on…you like wrestling and you know it. You can kill some time by watching some of the great pay-per-views of all-time. You love The Rock? Done. Maybe you’re a King Kong Bundy guy…you’re set!

What To Drink (responsibly):

Try out the Lagunitas Undercover Investigation Shut-Down. It’s a seasonal beer and definitely worth a try if you’re into Lagunitas beer.

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