By Ron Jones

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A 14-year-old girl was rescued from the sex slave epidemic with the help of her sister.

Investigators tell CBS13 that the family called from a Denny’s off of Interstate 80 in Sacramento saying that the teen was being held at a local motel.

“She was being forced against her will to commit these acts of prostitution,” said Sacramento County Sheriff’s Sgt. Lisa Bowman.

She’s only 14, and investigators are concerned there could be other vulnerable girls

Zayquan Howard, 20, is accused of trafficking the teen from a motel in Sacramento and advertising her on an adult escort and massage site.

“Once he obtained a client from that website he just sent them to the room,” Bowman said.

CBS13 discovered numerous Facebook pictures of Howard flashing money, gang signs and a gun.

Officers say his alleged victim was a runaway who got caught up in the sex-slave trap.

Her family spotted her at a local motel and called 911, where officers found her with a 49-year-old man who appeared to be a client. That man received a citation to appear in court.

Officers then had the teen call Howard and place him on speakerphone. He allegedly threatened her for not producing enough for him.

“He didn’t know they were in the room with her,” Bowman said.

She was rescued and Howard was arrested.

Investigators say this could be anyone’s daughter.

“On the surface, it may appear that your daughter is rebelling and running away, but the message is she may be a part of something she can’t control,” Bowman said.

Howard is being held on $2 million bail.

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  1. Cocoa Mounds says:

    nobody happend to mention that the girl ran away from foster care….she was taken away from her parents im sure.