Today’s show Grant started off discussing the Oakland Raiders, and their recent moves. He talked about the signing of Justin Tuck, LaMarr Woodley, the resigning of Darren McFadden, and the release of Jared Veldheer. Grant talked about what their future looks like, and if there are anymore moves they need to make that will help the Raiders in the long run. Vic Tafur from SF gate, joined Grant and talked about the Oakland Raiders more in depth. They talked about the salary cap, and the potential draft picks they will go after this next season. Grant also had LaMarr Woodley on to talk about joining the Oakland Raiders, how he feels the team will do this year, and what he hopes to bring to the team. He is really excited to be joining the Raiders this year. He sees a lot of young talent. After Woodley, Chris Russo from M.L.B. Network joined Grant. He has a show starting Opening Day of this Baseball Season. They talked about the next commissioner that might take over the league, Derek Jeter, how he looks this season, and if the San Francisco Giants can win another title. Next, Chris and Grant talked about the Oakland A’s pitching, where they have improved, and spent some time briefly discussing the other teams in the M.L.B.. They finished talking about N.B.A. and College Hoops. Steve Wyche from the N.F.L. network was Grants next guest for today’s show. They talked about free agency concerns for the Oakland Raiders and what they can do in the future to improve. Grant finished off the show talking about the Oakland A’s and whether or not they can win the west again.


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