FOLSOM LAKE (CBS13) – The water ways were busy Sunday as the warm sun sparkled on the Sacramento River.

Boats and bodies could be seen soaking of the rays as temperatures climbed into the low 80s – a good 15 degrees above normal for late winter.

Folsom Lake had plenty of visitors, too, taking advantage of the higher lake levels after near record lows a couple of months ago.

“They weather has been nice, but the water hasn’t been there. I would have been out in January if the water was there,” said one reveler.

But the warm weather got people out today, all noticing what recent rains had done.

“It filled up a little bit more so that’s good, it looks more like a lake, rather than a pond,” said another reveler.

But don’t be fooled. While those rain did help, we are still far below normal.

Graphs show storage at Folsom Lake is better than February’s near record lows. But, compared to the darker line above, it shows we are still way below the historical average.

And knowing that, some are wondering if March will hold out any hope for our drought conditions.


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