By Maria Medina

VACAVILLE (CBS13) — We tracked down a Vacaville man accused of stealing more than $400,000 of wine, but his wife did all the talking.

Jose Pina allegedly stole hundreds of cases of wine before police caught him.

At first, the woman we met says she’s not his wife, so we asked someone next door.

REPORTER: Do you know Jose?

TEEN: I think he’s the neighbor, right?

REPORTER: He’s the neighbor? And does he live right here?

WOMAN: You’re not getting a story, you’re not getting a story from us.

REPORTER: Who are you ma’am?

WOMAN: I’m Jamie.

That’s when the woman admits she’s married to Pina.

“I don’t want to be on the news,” she said. “This is all BS to me.”

American Canyon Police, as well as Napa County Sheriff’s detectives say Pina stole 350 cases of wine from an American Canyon wine warehouse. They say he was able to do it undetected, because Pina worked there.

A neighbor of the couple claims everyone knew the Pinas gave out free wine.

We brought that to the suspect’s wife’s attention.

REPORTER: People were saying that you guys were distributing wine.

WOMAN: I don’t give a f— what people were saying. Bye!

But police say Pina also sold the wine. They found more than $73,000 from the sales at the home. HIs wife says he was home after his day in jail, but he never came to the door.

WOMAN: He’s not talking to nobody. Why don’t you go talk to his lawyer?

Police say Pina stored the wine in a barn in the Green Valley area where they found 55 cases of stolen wine over the weekend.


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