Rachael Twiner, RMA, CCMA is a program director of medical assisting at Carrington College. From being an RN in the UK to teaching medical assisting students in Sacramento, her journey has given her a unique perspective on education and health care.

What is the importance of re-education in your field?

(Photo Courtesy of Rachael Twiner)

(Photo Courtesy of Rachael Twiner)

“The medical assisting field is ever-evolving with technological advances and new discoveries in diagnosis, patient care and administration, which requires health care professionals to continue their education and training in order to stay at the forefront of new developments. Medical assisting is expected to grow by more than 30 percent during the next few years, and with the new implications of the Affordable Care Act, the demand for health care and social assistance sector jobs is growing faster than any other field.”

What is your advice to someone considering entering this field of work?

“This is an exciting field at an exciting time. Medical care is at the forefront of many peoples’ thoughts and the simple fact is we all get sick or require medical treatment at one time or another. There are real career paths that can be opened up by becoming a medical assistant, some examples include nursing, office manager or teaching courses later in your career. The exposure to new tasks and interactions is a daily occurrence – it’s not a boring job!!”

How has your degree helped you personally and professionally?

“My degree helped open new doors when I moved to Sacramento from the UK. I was a registered nurse in the UK, but was unable to work when we first arrived in the US. This respite from employment allowed me to reevaluate my career and I decided to start teaching medical assisting courses at Carrington College, something that I truly enjoy every day. Without my degree, that door would not have been ajar.”

What is your advice to those looking to enter your field of work? 

“Jump in. A career in health care is very rewarding, from the interesting tasks that are performed every day to the patient/doctor interaction. As a medical assistant, you know you’re making a difference – and who knows how many doors could open from taking that first step.”

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