SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A high tech idea being driven forward: electric cars, getting a boost in Sacramento.

“We’re going to have more and more cars coming available on the market,” said Daniel Gehringer from the Sacramento Municipal Utility District.

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With more cars, there’s the need for more juice. But, SMUD is showing off their pilot project to encourage people to get plugged in.

“The DC Fast Charger is something we can put in the public so it’s cost effective, increase the utility of their vehicle, drive it more and help the environment more,” Gehringer said.

The new charging station the only one of its kind in the region – capable of juicing up electric vehicles by both domestic and foreign auto makers.

“When it comes to somebody being comfortable buying an electric car and the technology, they want to have some range confidence,” Gehringer said.

This new station promises most charges take less than 30 minutes, with options for payment. Drivers can scan a QR code on their phones, or call an operator and give their credit card number.

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Over the next couple of weeks, credit card swipers will also be installed – similar to paying for gasoline, but with big cost savings.

In comparison to gas, electric costs about $2 per gallon at fast charging station. Gasoline is currently about $3.80 in Sacramento, meaning about a $1.80 savings for electric users.

Electric cars emissions are 60 percent lower, so SMUD is hoping this technology helps draw environmentally conscious people in.

“The numbers make sense, it helps the environment, the technology is coming,” Gehringer said.

The new charging station is a joint effort between SMUD, General Motors and the U.S. Department of Energy. It joins a growing number of fast-charging stations throughout the region. For information on where to find a station, head over to


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