Eddie Bozek is the medical billing and coding (MBC) program director at Carrington College‘s Sacramento campus. He studied Business Administration and Health Care Services at DeVry University.

(Photo Courtesy of Eddie Bozek)

(Photo Courtesy of Eddie Bozek)

What are the differences in licenses for medical billing and coding?

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“There are many different certifications that can be obtained in MBC. The two major organizations that provide certification in medical billing and coding are the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) and the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). Both organizations have various levels of certification that range from entry-level to higher levels that include coding, billing, medical records and health information. In addition, a medical billing and coding professional can receive a certificate of training and obtain higher level degrees that would take them into the area of health information management.”

What kind of continuing education is available to medical staff?

“There are many levels of continuing education that vary from higher level degrees to yearly workshops, seminars and training to allow individuals to obtain the additional educational units to keep up with industry standards and trends. Some of the workshops, seminars and training are based locally, while others are located around the state or in bordering states.”

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How has your degree(s) helped you personally and professionally?

“I love what I do. Earning my degree allowed me to obtain the financial security and income needed to provide for my family. Having a career in health care and now a meaningful teaching career at Carrington College has definitely helped me grow as a person. I learned that without making education a priority, my life would be quite different.”

How have you seen your field change?

“The MBC field has changed dramatically, from computerized medical records to electronic billing. Change is always happening in billing and coding. The greatest change right now to coding is the upcoming ICD-10 transition that will not only effect billing and coding but other areas of health care. Re-education is vital in the Medical Billing and Coding (MBC) field because billing and coding guidelines can change from year to year and procedure and diagnosis codes can be revised, changed or no longer used. With all of the changes happening in the industry this year, MBC professionals will need to make sure they remain up to date and seek out additional education and information.”

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