FAIRFIELD (CBS13) — A plane has crashed during an airshow at Travis Air Force Base, the Federal Air Administration confirms.

FAA official Lynn Lunsford tells CBS13 that the plane is a Boeing-Stearman biplane. Initial photographs from the scene showed plume of black smoke rising from the runway.

The pilot – 77-year-old Eddie Andreini – did not survive the crash, officials say.

The crash happened around 2:05 p.m. Sunday. The plane was performing an acrobatic maneuver just before the crash. Witnesses at the scene tell CBS13 that the plane was flying upside down before it crashed.

The Thunder Over Solano Travis Air Expo was taking place at the airport at the time. The event has been canceled due to the crash and spectators have been evacuated from the air base. No spectators were injured in the incident.

Authorities are asking witnesses at the scene who took photos or videos leading up to the crash to send them to investigators.


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