By Ian Schwartz

YUBA CITY (CBS13) — The owners of Kentucky Derby-winning horse California Chrome are back home in Yuba City, and they say this is just the start for the horse.

Perry Martin is a lot of things. Somewhat quiet, humble, but most of all, he is determined to win.

On Wednesday Perry and Denise Martin face a stack of paperwork at the office with plenty of catching up to do after a long weekend at the derby.

“Walking around the store people are point, that’s him, that’s him. It’s a little different for me, but I imagine that will die down here in a month or two,” he said.

He says coming home to Yuba City has taken some getting used to after his horse, California Chrome, won the race known around the globe. If you ask him, he won’t say it’s a dream come true. That’s because from the moment California Chrome was born, he knew this horse had what it takes, and a derby win was always possible.

“Within two hours of his being born he was already up running circles around mama,” Perry Martin said.

The Martins’ modest pickup sits outside of their business at McClellan Air Field. It’s a much different scene than the fancy hate and ornate drinks Kentucky’s Churchill Downs—something Denise says she will never forget.

“I didn’t not imagine the experience that we had at Churchill Downs,” she said. “It was just surreal.”

While there is plenty of work to do at Martin Testing Laboratories, the business the couple runs when they’re not winning race, there is talk of the Preakness States and the Belmont Stakes in the coming weeks.

“We got a lot of faith in the horse if anyone can win the triple crown, I think it’s him,” he said.