SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — After two deadly incidents this year, police are responding to make thousands of light-rail riders in the Sacramento area feel safer.

Starting on Monday, they’re stepping up their security presence during certain times of the day as the first phase in their security plan.

Evelyn Johnson’s used the light-rail train for 20 years, and every time she gets on, she’s felt like she’s putting her safety at risk.

“I’ve seen people earning their living on the light rail,” she said euphemistically. “I’ve seen people entertain themselves on the light rail.”

She’s not along. Tamera Smith says she’s witnessed a robbery and been harassed.

“He just went crazy on me,” she said. “He threatened me.”

Sacramento Police Lt. Norm Leong wants passengers to feel safe, so he’s shifting resources. Instead of random checks, security guards will be on every train on nights and weekends.

This comes after two deadly events on light-rail trains this year.

In January, a woman allegedly shot and killed a man she didn’t know on a train. In March, police fatally shot an armed passenger threatening to commit suicide.

“We’re not immune to crimes that happen anywhere else,” he said.

Still, after the deadly incidents, passengers told police they felt especially unsafe on nights and weekends, so he felt the security changes needed to be done.

But for Evelyn, who’s seen a lot in two decades, she wonders if extra security guards is the answer.

“What’s he going to do? Walk over there and say, ‘Stop that’?” she said.

She wants the security guards to be able to do more than just give warnings.

But Leong says not only will there be more security guards, he’s increasing officers at the stations as well. He says crime is low, and he wants passengers to know they’re going to keep it that way.

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