MARYSVILLE (CBS13) — A swarm of swallows is taking over a Marysville neighborhood in numbers neighbors say they’ve never seen before, and federal law prevents them from doing anything about it.

The muddy nests are popping up on homes in the Edgewater neighborhood, while the birds are leaving a mess behind.

Diego Gonzalez’s house is literally for the birds. Dozens of swallows have built their nests in the eaves of his roof.

“In every single one of those I have them,” he said. “On that one and on the other side of the house and then up inside under the tiles.”

Neighbors say a swarm of swallows have taken over the neighborhood, swooping and pooping all over the place. The mess left behind has prompted neighbors to try and clean up with pressure washers, but the mess quickly piles up again.

Many neighbors have taken steps to keep them away, but they don’t stay gone for long, and they are loud.

A wildlife control expert tells CBS13 neighbors don’t have many options since the swallows are federally protected. It’s illegal to kill them or take down their nests.

He believes the drought may have forced the birds to come in search of water. He recommends neighbors invest in a device that either moves or makes noise to try and scare away the swallows.

Swallow breeding season is currently at a midway point, and wildlife experts say the birds should move on by August or September.