SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Parents are worried about a possible flea infestation at one of Sacramento’s most popular parks.

Michelle Prescott says she found dozens of what she believed are fleas on her 20-month-old nephew Benjamin following a trip to McKinley Park.

“I saw one, and then I saw two, and too many, and eventually I lifted up his shirt and saw loads,” she said.

Now she and Benjamin’s dad are trying to warn other parents.

“”Now we’ll tell everyone else, so at least we can be aware of it,” said Marc Prescott.

We got answers from the Sacramento Parks and Rec Department. The city says it’s unclear what the bothersome bugs are. It’s currently looking into hiring a contractor to spray the playground, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Animal control removed several feral cats that could have been a source of the problem.

We met a mom who says her daughter was also covered in little bugs last week.

“And I started flicking them off and they start jumping. I started freaking out,” said Marianna Moskalets.

Just after the interview, CBS13’s Nick Janes noticed he had a visitor. Whether it was a flea or not, the bug left a small, red bite mark like Benjamin’s.

“That’s just probably something the city needs to take care of, because a lot of kids go there,” Marc Prescott said.

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