SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A picture could be worth more than 1,000 words, and it can be worth thousands in free marketing dollars if it’s used the right way.

The Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau is trying to do just that through Instagram.

William Thompson was born and raised in the city of trees.

“29 years, so I know a majority of the unknown spots I guess,” he said.

He takes pictures of everything using his phone with his brother and cousin looking for the unique and eye catching.

“I’ll go out and take 200, 300 pictures and I really gotta sit down, and go through them and you just know when you find the one,” Thompson said.

He’s one of many on Instagram in Sacramento posting pictures of the city from all angles. The visitors bureau is tapping into those pictures of everything from farm-to-fork, stunning sunsets and everything Sacramento.

In less than a year, Brandon Darnell says the Visit Sacramento Instagram account is a huge success with more than 13,000 followers. They find the pictures people post and use the best ones. It’s free to them and the Instagram users get exposure.

“It gives their view on the city, because we can only do so much, and the more prospective you have, the more well rounded image of the city that is,” Darnell said.

Visit Sacramento even started a new feature other cities are copying where guest Instagramers like Thompson take over the account and show the city in pictures through their eyes.

Thompson says earning fans is good, but getting people excited about his city is even better.

“Inspiring other people to go out and try to find that same spot, or trying to find another view of the same type of look,” he said.

Visit Sacramento also has Food Tuesday where they feature foods from local restaurants.


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