ELK GROVE (CBS13) — People are slamming themselves into garage doors in an Elk Grove neighborhood, causing potentially thousands of dollars in damage.

The Elk Grove Police Department says it’s had 11 reports in the past two weeks of the crime, forcing homeowners to fork out extra cash to fix their doors.

Police say the suspects are slamming their bodies into garage doors, denting and damaging the doors.

At least three homes have been slammed along Generations Drive with several more homes hit throughout the city.

“I called a repair guy out and he took one look at it and in 10 seconds he said, ‘Yeah this is toast. you’ve got to replace it,’” Todd Barnes said. “That was the last thing I expected.”

He says he his home was hit about 10 days ago. He noticed the problem one morning when he noticed his garage door wouldn’t open and was making strange noises. He says he was forced to replace the whole thing.

Anthony Ibarra says he actually says it happen to his neighbor’s garage off of Malheur Way around 2 a.m.

“Kids hopped out and ran as fast as they could, pretty much and kicked in the garage, hopped back in the car. One of the kids said, ‘I broke the glass,’ and they drove off,” He said.

One victim who didn’t want to be identified thinks she knows who is responsible.

“I’m thinking it’s young kids looking for summer fun but its not really fun because we have to pay for it,” she said. “It’s reckless, you know? we are hard working people, money don’t grow on trees.”

The fix isn’t cheap, with Barnes saying he’s out close to $1,000.

Police believe the suspects are most likely teens. If they’re caught, they could face vandalism charges. They say the crimes always happen overnight.


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