By Maria Medina

COLLINSVILLE (CBS13) — Victims of the Collinsville Fire who lost everything in the devastating blaze say they are being victimized again.

More than half of those affected say they didn’t have insurance. And as they try to rebuild a town half-gone, they’re also dealing with a lot of emotions that have found some pointing fingers.

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“There’s a lot of anger right now,” said Liza Butorac.

Many who lost their homes in Collinsville say they don’t know how or if they can rebuild again.

“Do we have money right now to build a house? No,” Butorac said. “And without insurance we’re not going to be able to.”

Investigators held a meeting with the eight families who lost their homes on the July 4 fire to give them some help on how to move forward.

What also came out of the meeting was frustration.

“Some of the people in this town are not honest,” Butorac said.

She and her family say people with flashlights from their community sifted through burned down properties on the night of the fire, looting their neighbors.

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“On Saturday night when we were leaving there was probably about 12 people,” she said.

But likely the biggest frustration is how the fire even started.

CBS13 spoke to the Tackett family on Monday, who say they’re being accused because it started in their backyard.

The Tacketts’ landlord says the fire has destroyed homes and possibly relationships.

“I’d stake my life on it they didn’t do it,” she said. “These people are liars.”

Fire Chief Joe Rosewell has heard it all, and he has a message of his own for the people of Collinsville.

“Come forward with solid evidence before you start accusing and starting rumors,” he said.

Rosewell says the investigation isn’t over. He says the cause of the fire is looking to be accidental, but the exact cause is still under investigation.

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The Solano County Sheriff’s Department will be sending extra patrols after hearing about the looting problems in Collinsville.