RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) — This is a story about plants and getting high, but it’s not what you think .

A local space program teamed up with a Japanese artist to launch art 100,000 feet above the earth and photograph it.

JP Aerospace out of Rancho Cordova specializes in launching everyday items like a chair into space without using a rocket.

“The footage is just stunning, it’s something you don’t see everyday,” said president John Powell.

A team of aerospace volunteers celebrated after a successful launch recently deep in the Nevada desert.

“He’s taking this bonsai in the cube and taking pictures everywhere. so I think the next step for him was to take it off planet,” he said.

It’s not a mission to Mars or the moon, but an out-of-this-world art show, featuring a renowned Japanese plant artist. Instead of astronauts, a bouquet of flowers and a bonsai tree are suspended above earth and photographed.

The plants hang below a contraption and a lens captures every stunning angle.

“You only have one chance to get the shot and so many things have to happen,” Powell said.

And when those things do happen, the art is out of this world.

The video footage of the launch will be featured at an art and photography exhibit in Paris in September.

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