SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A beauty queen contestant is accused of cheating the system to get workers compensation benefits she didn’t really need.

Shawna Palmer allegedly faked an injury, but they turned to social media to post pictures from her pageants.

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The beauty contestant was busted for fraud, caught allegedly lying about a foot injury that supposedly kept her from working.

Palmer told doctors her fractured toe kept her from working, or even wearing shoes as a grocery store clerk. But a YouTube video shows it didn’t keep her from competing in high heels.

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The investigation shows Palmer started receiving workers compensation benefits in March, but competed in two beauty contests in April.

Within months, the California Department of Insurance cracked her case, booking the beauty in Riverside County, thanks to the social-media starlet herself.

“If you’re going to commit workers compensation fraud, don’t do it on a national stage. You’re going to be videotaped and post it on social media,” said spokeswoman Madison Voss.

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If she’s found guilty, Palmer faces up to a year in jail and will have to pay nearly $25,000 in fines. She’s currently jobless as the grocery store she was working for fired her.