By Millie Warren

If you’re looking to find the spookiest of episodes of My Little Pony all in one place, look no further than MLP’s “Spooktacular Pony Tales’ DVD. Six of the seasons’ spookiest episodes are compiled on one disc; with episodes such as “Luna Eclipsed” and “Bats!” fans of all ages can enjoy this DVD.

While this isn’t a stand-along Halloween-themed movie, Bronies, Pega Sisters, children and their parents can enjoy re-watching The Great and Powerful Trixie’s debut in “Boast Busters,” Nightmare Moon’s struggle to overcome her terrifying reputation during Nightmare Night in “Luna Eclipsed,” and the ever-awesome Flutter Bat in “Bats!”

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As an avid fan in her twenties, I’ve found the show has something for fans of all ages. While many people believe this is a show for little girls, it’s quite the opposite: It’s a compelling show for both genders of all ages to enjoy. While the image of female ponies is appealing to girls, the compelling characters (full of character flaws, growth, regression and humor adults can appreciate), the delicious and smart villains, the juicy and well-thought-out plots provide a more than adequate reason for adults (and men) to enjoy the show. Through the power of friendship, we all can learn from the mistakes and triumphs of the characters.

With season four being over, fans can enjoy the nostalgia of re-watching episodes from season one all the way through episode four.  The first episode on the DVD is when The Great and Powerful Trixie makes her grand entrance. Through Trixie’s hubris, we learn it isn’t wise to boast about successes we haven’t achieved – we also learn how scary an Ursa Minor can be (and how hard it is to defeat it) – let alone its mother! In the second episode, “Stare Master,” we watch Fluttershy struggle to control three young and rambunctious philles. When these phillies run into a monster that can turn them into stone, Fluttershy steps up and stares the beast into submission. The third episode (admittedly, one of my favorites) is “Luna Eclipsed.” In this episode, Nightmare Moon, a.k.a Princess Luna graces Ponyville during Nightmare Night (the equivalent of Halloween). The princess struggles to gain the love of her subjects, but learns sometimes it pays to be scary – especially during Nightmare Night.

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Next we watch “Sleepless in Ponyville,” an episode where a young Pegasus struggles to conquer her nightmares due to her own insecurities. With the help of Princess Luna, the young Pegasus is able to face her spooky nightmares. The second to last episode is another one of my favorites, “Castle Mane-ia.” This fun-filled episode is one geeks alike can enjoy. We see our favorite ponies transformed into well-known comic book characters who have to battle the deliciously evil (and crazy) villain. Parents who enjoyed reading or watching Marvel comic books and movies will enjoy Fluttershy’s rendition of The Hulk. Finally, we finish the DVD with “Bats!” from season four. This fun episode shows the power of friendship and loyalty as we watch the kind-hearted and timid Fluttershy turn into the aggressive and hungry Flutter Bat.

The DVD also contains a bonus feature. While the bonus feature isn’t much, fans can enjoy singing along to the song featured in “Bats!” As far as bonuses go, that is about it.

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Despite the lack of bonus features, the DVD is still a fun and nostalgic way for fans to enjoy past episodes of the series.