STOCKTON (CBS13) – Two shootings twenty hours apart from each other at the very same intersection. Police aren’t sure yet if the shootings are related, but neighbors are fed up with the ongoing crime.

“Look at the blood on my door … all the way out … look at this,” resident Colette Barton says.

Barton shows us the trail of blood in front of her house after a woman and two children ran to her home for help after being shot.

“Innocent bystanders got shot last night. They stayed here, I fed them, I gave them water, gave them jackets,” Barton says. “This doesn’t have to happen.”

Stockton police say a 30-year-old woman and two young girls, ages three and eleven, were driving in the area of Princess Drive and Duke Lane just before 9 p.m. Saturday when they were hit by gunshots.

“They were really loud and like fast,” says Mary Loeur, who heard the gunshots right outside her home.

She says she’s now afraid to go outside at night – especially with her two young children.

“We just barely got home from her party, too. I had just got everything in the house and then I just heard the gunshots and was really scared,” Loeur says.

Earlier on the same day there was another round of gunfire on this same street.

Just after two in the morning, three people were shot. One of them died – 27-year-old man who police say had known gang ties.

“It’s just an ongoing thing back here,” Barton says.

The shootings have homeowners like Barton on edge in her own home.

“I mind my own business and I stay in my backyard and just duck,” Barton says. “Lately, that’s all I been doing is ducking.”

And wondering why her usually quiet street has become a reoccurring scene of violence.

“It’s just sad because it’s very, very young people. They got their whole lives ahead of them,” Barton says.

The woman and two children are expected to survive. The only suspect information available is from the first shooting where police say the shooter or shooters left in a silver car.

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