Grant opened today’s show by discussing the most recent developments in the Adrian Peterson scandal, talking both about Minnesota governor Mark Dayton’s statement regarding Peterson, as well as the sponsors that have expressed an unwillingness to be affiliated with the Vikings and the NFL as a result of Peterson’s wrongdoings.

Grant also alluded to the other violence scandals marring the NFL and its commissioners office, confusion surrounding the situations in both Carolina with Greg Hardy and San Francisco’s Ray McDonald.

Changing gears, Grant had Darren Collison on the air to talk about his new job as the point guard of the Sacramento Kings.

Jed Lowrie of the Oakland Athletics also joined today’s installment of the show, talking with Grant about the A’s recent struggles and the importance of gaining momentum as the playoffs near.

Grant then segued into discussion about the other MLB playoff races, most notably the Giants and Dodgers battle for the NL West title, Los Angeles seemingly primed to put the nail in the coffin of that showdown.

Finally, the Sporting News’ David Steele joined Grant to not only briefly discuss the social issues facing the NFL, but also the devastating injury suffered by Redskins’ Robert Griffin III in Sunday’s win over Jacksonville and Washington’s options moving forward.

Grant wrapped up today’s show by glossing over the NFL weekend’s games, discussing some of the 0-2 teams that are expected to turn it around this Sunday, as well as the likelihood Dennis Allen returns as head coach of the Raiders in week four if Oakland fails to win any of their opening three games in 2014.


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