SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — This week’s wildfires have forced the California Office of Emergency Services to go from standby mode to fully operational.

State officials say they are dealing with more than just the fires burning throughout Northern California.

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The center is typically in standby mode, but the recent surge in wildfires forced them to fill the room.

“When we’re open that means there’s urgent things happening in this case there’s many things happening,” said Kelly Huston. “When the wildfires get to a point where they are bigger than just a few incidents being managed by Cal Fire and us we have to bring additional folks in here.”

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The center is where various state agencies come together—from social services to Caltrans—to discuss where resources should be allocated. OES has final authority to determine how those resources are actually implemented.

“There may be a project like an interchange being worked on by Caltrans, and we may call and say hey when you got bulldozer and your people to respond to this area to help with either opening a road or even with some of the firefighting efforts it varies,” Huston said. “Just depends on what’s needed we can move a lot of resources in the state in a quick amount of time.”

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The department is also weighing options for a heat wave and possible flooding in Southern California and recovery from last month’s Napa earthquake.