Thursday the 25th was a fun show. Dodgers beat the Giants and clinch the west. The Ryder Cup starts tomorrow. The Europe writers have already started it with saying that the USA that is shaved into Rickie Fowler’s hair is “Thuggish Jingoism” I love that. We had a canned interview with UFC fighter Connor McGregor, he isn’t shy at all. The Oakland A’s lost again which is making A’s fans a little shaky heading into the playoffs. Sean Salisbury came on talk football and myriad of other things. He specifically thinks ESPN should be ashamed of themselves for what they did to Bill Simmons. We hit on the grand jury’s findings that Tony Stewart will face no charges in the death of Kevin Ward. Kevin Ward was determined to have an amount of Marijuana in his system that would impair his judgement. No one saw that coming. To close the show we had Matt Maiocco on to talk 49er football. It’s raining out there, be careful..