AUBURN (CBS13) — A mom and daughter went for a drive in Auburn on Friday that they will likely never forget.

While cruising through a cemetery, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

“It was really shocking to see a bear,” said Faith Jackson.

It was a wild ride she and her mom Kathy won’t soon forget.

“My mom looks over here and she’s like ‘Oh my god there’s a bear,’” she said.

They spotted the bear roaming through Auburn’s Old City Cemetery.

“It was totally not afraid, it was totally just cruising around,” Kathy said.

“We drove in to get a closer look and it ended up following it up that way,” Faith said.

The two say they never feared the full-grown bear would attack, even though it easily outweighed their combined weight.

“I was just kind of blown away on how chunky it was,” Kathy said. “I’ve never seen anything that close moving around. it was heavy, the back end of that thing was huge.”

She believes the King Fire to the east may have forced the bear and other animals down the mountain to the foothills.

“I just don’t know why a bear that healthy would be cruising around here,” she said.