DIXON (CBS13) — A Dixon farm says the drought is certainly affecting this year’s pumpkin crop and some other holiday favorites.

Usually owners at Cool Patch Pumpkins tell customers not to buy their pumpkin now because they aren’t ready. But this year, the advice is the exact opposite.

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Matt Cooley says it’s almost frightening how fast his pumpkins are turning this year.

“Usually the bigger ones take longer, but this year they are already ready,” he said.

The persistent drought and lack of winter rain has caused his pumpkins to ripen two to three weeks early.

“Because of the drought theres not as much deep moisture in the ground,” he said. “So when you water it, it just sucks it. The plant just sucks it up right away.”

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That means the best time to get them is now, unless you are a fan of squashy—err, squishy—ones.

“The ones that are going to be laying on the ground at the end of October are going to look like they were the ones that are usually laying around in November, not necessarily a good thing,” he said.

The patch is also known for the world’s largest corn maze, but the drought has stunted the stalks.

“It’s skinny, not very tall,” he said. “Some are bigger than others but usually its really tall, probably about two feet shorter than it usually is.”

Cooley doesn’t expect the drought to dwindle his Halloween business this season, but the future of his farm all depends on the weather.

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“If it doesn’t rain this winter, we might not be able to do it next year,” he said.