RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) — Students and faculty took to the streets to make their voices heard over a proposed gun range near a school.

Students from George Washington Carver High protested what is already on its way.

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“Even though it’s legal, it’s still wrong. you shouldn’t mix schools with guns,” said student Damon Kalerkorinos.

He helped organized the protest of students against the new shooting range being developed just about 250 feet away from their campus.

“It’s just not safe to have a gun club so close to a school,” he said.

Principal Allegra Allesandri says a new gun club so close is wrong, citing weapon-free zones designed to keep schools safe. Beyond that, she says the city left everyone in the dark.

“I think my biggest concern really is the total lack of professional courtesy or legal requirement to make neighbors aware of this,” she said.

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Rancho Cordova planning director Paul Junker says the permit was approved because the land is zoned industrial.

“The zoning of the property is what we look at and that is what we are legally obligated to look at,” he said.

That zoning includes gun ranges. While the project goes forward, protesters’ concerns haven’t fallen on deaf ears as the city announced it will likely review its planning codes.

“We’ll be looking at the gun-related uses as well as well as other uses and compatibilities related to schools,” he said.

For the students and neighbors against the project, the hope is that planning codes change statewide.

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The owner of the development, Fite Properties, did not return our calls.