The Legend of Shep Gordon is a bright and energetic film that will be enjoyed by most adults.

This film is about the life of manager and Hollywood insider Shep Gordon. He is a legend within the industry, most notably for launching Alice Cooper’s career.

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This is Mike Myers director debut film and there are some telltale signs. It is a bit scattered at times and the narration seems to come and go. It doesn’t take long for you to realize that Mike Myers worships Shep Gordon as if her were a hero.

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From watching the film you get the feeling like Gordon wasn’t as likable as you may think, but Gordon has always been so charismatic. You see a wide variety of celebrities telling great stories about Gordon, but they are mostly one-sided stories.

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Gordon’s career has been eclectic to say the least. Not only did he make a name for him self as a manager in the music business, but he also created the “Celebrity Chef” phenomenon. With so much to discuss, the film moves right along and there isn’t a dull moment. If you are hoping for an inside story, you won’t get that here. You will get heartfelt story telling that’s satisfying in the end.