By Kurtis Ming

MANTECA (CBS13) — She’s 87, has arthritis and doesn’t drive. How did Joyce Silva get 18 tickets worth $1475 when she doesn’t even own the car being ticketed?

“I’m mad about it,” she said.

The tickets show Joyce’s name, her Manteca address, but they’re for a white Acura.

“I don’t own an Acura. I don’t want an Acura,” she said.

CBS13 has learned the dealership that sold the Acura, confused two Joyce Silva’s. Acura of Pleasanton says it sold the car to Joyce F. Silva of Pleasanton, but registered it by mistake to Joyce S. Silva of Manteca who was in their database because she once bought a car from a neighboring Lexus dealership which shares a database.

Joyce S. says she’s been fighting this for a year, but still owes for the tickets.

We found Joyce was still on the hook for 18 violations, even though the dealership says it fixed the problem in May. We reached out to the individual departments that ticketed Joyce.

After we reached the San Francisco MTA, the city of Dublin and FasTrak, every ticket was corrected.

John Goodwin, the spokesperson for Bay Area FasTrak called it a unique situation say it didn’t know of the dealership mistake until we brought it to their attention.

Joyce is pleased to be rid of those tickets.

“A big weight off my shoulders,” she said.


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