I have remained (for the most part) quiet about this, mainly because there’s no win.

Today’s Topic: Baseball Whiners.*

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* This does NOT apply to all. Only YOU can determine if I’m talking about you.

If not, move on Sensitive Sally.

This is mainly about social media, but can apply to talk radio as well.

All year, you have been squawking about your team. Yes, I’m looking at YOU Dodger fans, and YOU, A’s fans.

You’ve been taking great pride in your large leads in July and August, and how seemingly crappy those Giants are.

Yet here we are, once again A COUPLE OF SILVER SPOONS…..sorry.

Yet here we are, once again, and look who’s in the series.

And NOW what am I hearing??


No. Let me explain.

Some fans actually WAIT to talk until there’s something to talk about.

Some fans loved the Giants through the years of Scot Garrelts and Greg Minton and Chili Davis  and of course the God-Amongst-Men Will Effing Clark.

Some fans know what it’s like to lose in 87, get clobbered in 89, and have maybe the best team in baseball miss the playoffs by one game when winning 103. The year before the wildcard.

So maybe take a lesson bitter baseball fan. When you talk and talk and talk all year, you’d BETTER win the whole thing.

And when you don’t, and then you whine about bandwagon Giants fan etc etc etc it just drives the point home that you’re less an actual BASEBALL fan, and more about being a smack talking fan.

That’s fine, and there’s a special section for you amongst a large contingent of Raider, Cowboy, and Dodger fans.

A special note for you, A’s fan. You’ve been especially embarrassing this postseason, for these main reasons.

  1. Stop bitching about Billy Beane and “changes” and “moneyball doesn’t work”.

Billy does more with less than anyone in the entire game. CONSISTENTLY.

He said his job is to get the team to the postseason, because it’s a crap shoot from there. Know how I know he’s right??

Let me pick up my ringing phone.

The Royals and Giants, two WILDCARD teams, are on lines one and two, respectively.

Yeah, Billy blew that lead vs the pennant winners, didn’t he?

The only thing keeping you from being the Oakland Astros?

Billy Beane.

So stop embarrassing yourselves.

Another thing? The Rivercats.

Any chance you can shove your indignation about them switching to the Giants?

I grew up watching the A’s win titles.

I watched Dave Stewart win 20 games like 30 years in a row. I watched the A’s win another seemingly 30 rookies of the year in a row.

Bash brothers.

4-0 sweep.

I get it.

I also grew up rooting for the Rivercats.


Because it says SACRAMENTO ahead of it.

I didn’t bitch.

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Not once.

Newsflash- minor league teams switch affiliates. A LOT.

The Rivercats enjoyed a long, long affiliation with the A’s. And it was awesome. It really was.

Did they opt to switch because they hate the A’s? Are they sellouts?



Maybe they switched because they RUN A BUSINESS. Maybe they switched because there are more Giants fans than A’s fans, and because Giants fans have more disposable income on average than A’s fans.

Maybe it had just run its course.

Here’s ANOTHER news flash:

There isn’t another media outlet, TV or Radio, that wouldn’t switch in a HEARTBEAT to running Giants games over A’s games if they had the choice. Not a single one. It’s not loyalty or because they love the team. It’s business.

Driven by fans.

But I see all this “I’m never going to a Rivercats game again. This is an outrage, scandal!!!!”

Shut up.

If that’s the case, cool. Then you obviously love the A’s more than Sacramento, so move there and see all the A’s games you want for a cheaper price, and most likely in front of less people.

Now let’s see if everyone read this far.

Another way to pick out a dumb fan will be in the comments, when they react to the first couple paragraphs and I point out this part. Trust me it will happen.

Mainly because they can’t read.

This isn’t about everyone, as I said, so don’t get butthurt.

There are PLENTY of bandwagon Giants, Niners, and even Kings fans. It’s just reality.

PLENTY of loud Giants fans right now think Robbie Thompson is a striker for Everton.

You read me throw down a bit on A’s fans, Dodger fans, even Cowboy and Raider fans.


If you don’t apply to what I’ve been saying, calm down. A’s and Raider fans are also some of the smartest, most loyal fans in the world, and I respect the hell out of that.

I get the disappointment and outrage, and the need to find an outlet. I do.

I get that the Giants have had some success lately, and the A’s for example struggle with little payroll and do wonders only to come up short.

I get that it’s lame to not see your team’s prospects in Sacramento, and how cool it was.

I get that the Giants play in a gorgeous ballpark, and the A’s may be on their way out of Oakland because they can’t get a new stadium.

I get that it’s absolute BS that the Giants are bitching about San Jose, and have become the Evil Empire du jour.

I get it.

So if you’re one of these good, diehard fans, don’t get bent out of shape. I’m not lumping everyone together.

Except Dodger and Cowboy fans.

They really are the dumbest fans in sports, period. 🙂

Last thing- for everyone who just became a huge Royals fan?

I REALLY get it.

If it wasn’t for my Giants being on the other side, I’d be all in for KC. What a great story. No Kings fan should be able to 100% root against them, and I’m no exception.

Of COURSE I’m rooting for the Giants, but no matter what I’m going to look back in a year to this year’s champion with a smile.

So here’s to a classic, well-played World Series, and baseball in general.

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Play ball!!!