WOODLAND (CBS13) – Rico Harris has been missing for several weeks during a trip between Alhambra and Seattle.

Harris, a former member of the Harlem Globetrotters, reportedly left his mother’s home in Southern California on Oct. 10. His car was later found abandoned at Yolo County Regional State Park on Route 16.

The Yolo County Sheriff’s Department says there is no indication of anything criminal at this time. No leads were found from inspecting Harris’ car, as it looks like the car was just parked in the parking lot and had been left for two days.

Harris’ family tells CBSLA that they are hoping he is found safe.

“We don’t want to think about the worst, so right now I’m keeping myself very optimistic,” Harris’ mother Margaret Fernandez said. “I’m not really letting my mind wander anywhere else. It’s an ongoing investigation, so I’m very hopeful.”

Harris reportedly suffers from bipolar disorder.


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