SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — At the scene of where Friday’s deadly crime spree started, people around the Motel 6 say the suspect was trouble.

“He was walking around out here, starting trouble with people, causing arguments but nobody knew he had a gun and was shooting people,” said Antonia Smith.

She says she saw Marcelo Marquez at the motel the night before he was accused of gunning down two deputies. She says he was causing a ruckus at the Motel 6 where investigators say he was staying.

“People was like ignoring him and I’m glad they were because they could have been shot and killed,” she said.

Marquez is accused of shooting and killing Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy Danny Oliver and Placer County Det. Michael Davis, Jr. in an hours-long crime spree on Friday.

Investigators don’t know why the Utah couple was in Sacramento or for how long. Marquez faces two counts of murder, and his wife faces an attempted murder charge.

But Marquez may not be who he says he is. Federal officials on Saturday said his fingerprints match a Luis Enrique Monroy-Bracamonte.

Retired deputy Gene Chapman came by the Motel 6 on Saturday.

“I just wanted to pull in and say a prayer or two,” he said.

Oliver and his partner had been focusing in the area after a spike in petty crime when they spotted Marquez and his wife in a car. Marquez would fire the deadly shots before Oliver had a chance to pull out his gun.

The couple’s motive is still unknown.

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