By Cambi Brown

TURLOCK (CBS13) — A Turlock game designer is ready to release a new type of game that’s so small it fits right in your pocket.

After several years of pitching to companies and a lot of persistence, Chris Handy is finally seeing his games ready to sell to the masses.

Designers like him are making more complex games with more interaction. They’re called hobby games and the industry is growing.

“This hobby gaming has really taken off over the past could of years, and Settlers of Catan is the game that really kickstarted the craze,” he said.

It helps people like Chris reach and audience without needing a big gaming company to produce the games.

His newest idea is taking games to a smaller size. The Pack o’ Game is the size of a pack of gum and has 30 cards.

He realized the size of the cards made a big difference.

“I took it everywhere with me, because it was so small and compact,” he said.

While waiting at a restaurant, he and his wife could play a quick game.

“These games really fit the kind of busy family lifestyle,” he said.

They’re easy enough for kids, and Chris hopes his games could help draw their attention away from video games.

“We are spending so much time looking at screens, and we need interaction,” he said.

The games aren’t available in stores, but can be found online.


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