SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A long list of new charges were filed against the husband and wife accused of a crime spree that left two deputies dead.

The new charges include attempted murder against several other deputies, and stealing a deputy’s shotgun.

According to investigators the case is ongoing, and because there are still lineups and identifications to be made by witnesses, the suspects’ faces were not allowed to be shown.

Marcelo Marquez, with a bandage on his arm, used a Spanish translator to hear the charges against him.

Click here to read the full criminal complaint

He and Janelle Monroy did not enter pleas, and told the judge they could not afford attorneys.

At almost the same time, Sacramento County District Attorney Jan Scully and Placer County District Attorney Scott Owens spoke alongside each other about the list of charges.

Monroy only faces a murder charge in the death of Placer County Sheriff’s Det. Mike Davis.

In addition to those charges, the couple faces the attempted murder of two additional Placer County deputies and the carjacking of another woman.

deputy charge

deputy charge 1

deputy 3

Marquez also faces new charges for allegedly taking a Placer County deputy’s car and one of their 12-gauge shotguns.

deputy 4

There still is some question as to Marquez’s actual name. The defendant told the judge his name was Luis Enrique Monroy Bracamontes. Fingerprint testing are pending, but one thing is for sure—Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones says the couple will be moved out of the Sacramento County Jail soon.

“I would just as soon our officers and our professional staff not have to look at these two suspects during their criminal trials,” he said.

Both defendants are facing the death penalty.

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