SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – After a heartbreaking 66-6 loss on the field Friday night, the Davis High School football team found out thieves had ransacked their lockers.

“I was a bit dismayed that was the reception we received. I was angry our boys got violated and ripped off,” said Michael Fields, whose son was one of the victims. “It wasn’t a good show of team sport.”

The team discovered the thefts after their game against Grant Union High School.

“There [were] things thrown around everywhere. There was Gatorade spilled on someone’s stuff. You could tell it had just been riffled through,” said Jacob Fields, a varsity football player for Davis High.

The team had left their belongings inside the locker room at Grant High before they hit the field.

“It was just disheartening, it was horrible. I just didn’t expect anyone to do that,” Jacob said.

Jacob, an outside linebacker, had his cell phone and pricey Beats headphones taken. He says the team usually takes their belongings out to the field, but they didn’t this time because of the rain.

“I thought about bringing my stuff out, but I was like ‘Who would steal our stuff while it’s in the locker room?’” Jacob said.

The Fields say for many on the team, their personal items came with a lot of hard work. One of the players, in particular, worked all summer to buy the things that are now in the hands of a thief.

“He busted his tail all summer for his backpack, his phone, the cash in it – and he lost all that stuff. For him to get another one, it’s not going to happen overnight,” Michael said.

The Twin Rivers Police Department says this is an active investigation and they are going through all security cameras set-up around the campus.


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