By Kurtis Ming

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — Planning a Vegas getaway with their neighbors, Les Buchner and his wife say the Southwest airlines website gave them no option to book multiple rooms. It wasn’t until after they booked the package they realized Southwest put all four of them in one room.

“We’re not that cozy, we don’t bunk up,” Les said.

When they alerted the airline, they were told a second room would cost hundreds more than the other couple was willing to spend, but Les says the airline refused to refund the other couple’s airline tickets.

“If anyone can help us, it’s the Call Kurtis team,” he recalled thinking.

When we went to and plugged in a trip for four, we also couldn’t find an option for booking more than one room.

Consumer Attorney Stuart Talley thinks the website is misleading and most people would think four adults should be given the option of two rooms.

“They have to fix the website,” Talley said.

Once we reached out to Southwest Airlines, it recognized the issued with the website saying in part, “CBS13 pointed out a flaw and because of your reporting Southwest is fixing this issue.”


The airline has added a new link that takes customers to an advanced search page that contains the ability to select the number of hotel rooms.

Southwest agreed to refund the cost of the other couple’s plane tickets.

Les and his wife plan to head to Vegas to celebrate their 40th Wedding Anniversary on their own.

“I just want to say thank you,” he said.


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