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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The state of California is now hiring, and hundreds of people are now applying for the coveted jobs. But there are still plenty of questions about the process of landing a state job.

With the help of expert Michelle Allen, who’s held five different positions as a state worker, we’re getting answers.

CBS13 viewer Tom wants to know if you were a previous state worker, can you just apply, or does that change the application process of testing?

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It does change things—the employee has permissive reinstatement rights.

“You still have to go through the interview process like everyone else seeking to apply for that opening, but you just don’t have to go through the testing process,” Allen said.

Viewer Rani says she’s about to get her GED, and is wondering if she can apply now for a state job, or does she have to wait.

“The rule is you’ve got to have the GED or the high school diploma or the college degree at the time of hire so I recommend—even my seniors going to college—to start taking those tests,” she said. “Let’s say they’re going to graduate in June, so let’s start taking those tests in January, their last semester so that’s out of the way and they’ve scored and they’re reachable.”

In other words, no, you don’t need to wait.

CBS13 viewer Gary writes: “I’d like to know if I could qualify for a state job, even though I am 55 years old?”

For that, Allen has a success story to share.

“I just had an email and I spoke to her by phone and she’s so elated, she’s going to start Dec. 2 with the state and she’s 57.”

Mike has a question about accessibility: “I’m physically disabled, am unable to travel to SoCal., to take the test. I was wondering if there are test sites here in Sacramento?”

“Most of the exams are given in Sacramento to tell you the truth, so that’s not going to be an issue,” Allen said, “and also if you have some issues, are in a wheelchair, some kind of challenge, the state moves Heaven and earth to accommodate you.”

An anonymous viewer asked if a convicted felon can apply for a state job.

Yes, they can, but there are usually background checks for agencies like the California Highway Patrol and the Department of Corrections.

“But if you’ve had an indiscretion in your youth, they’re not going to, it’s not a deal breaker basically,” she said.

Finally, viewer Virginette asks, “How high do I have to score on a state jobs test to be in the Top 3 ranks?”

“Generally speaking, and this is a big broad brush,” Allen said, “generally speaking, somewhere in the 90’s and up.”

One more thing to keep in mind is that volunteer hours count heavily when it comes to applying for a state job, so our expert says make sure you put that down when you apply.

There is a three-hour class being offered on how to get a state job on Thursday, Jan. 8, but you have to sign up in advancehere.

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