DAVIS (CBS13) – Vivian Brecheisen says she’s complained for years and nothing has been done to remove the several trees near her Davis home she says could fall at any moment.

“We are stuck living under this pit and pending doom,” Brecheisen said.

Brecheisen claims large tree branches fall in her neighborhood and put people in danger.

“Right above our mailboxes over here is the most dangerous tree,” Brecheisen said. “If it comes down it could take out my house.”

Brecheisen lives at a mobile home park off Olive Drive where she says many of the trees are old and in bad condition.

“You see how it’s bored out,” Brecheisen said.

And she says over the years, branches have come crashing down onto people’s homes, cars or pathways near common areas.

“There was a storm and a tree limb fell on the back of my car, crushed the whole back side and took out the window and crushed the frame of the car,” said David Benson, another resident of the mobile home park.

Before Benson moved here, he lived on the owner’s other property just down the street where he says a large branch fell and destroyed his car.

“There’s been a trend around here of tree limbs falling and people getting their property damaged,” Benson said.

The property manager tells CBS13 they do have constant tree maintenance on both their properties and have removed several trees that were unsafe. They also say they use chains to reinforce some of the older trees.

But Brecheisen says that’s not enough, and fears the next looming storm could leave them at risk.

“It was cracking in the wind; you could hear it cracking,” Brecheisen said.

A former resident here says he is already in the middle of a lawsuit with his insurance company and the property owner regarding a tree that fell and damaged his trailer.

The City of Davis says they are not responsible for the trees because they are on private property. The city arborist recommends, if you’re in the same situation, to send a certified letter to your insurance company to settle the matter in civil court.

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