By Leigh Martinez

STOCKTON (CBS13) — On social media and around the city, the discussion continues over a traffic stop that happened five days ago. Stockton residents said Wednesday they have a lot of questions about why two veteran detectives pulled over councilwoman-elect Christina Fugazi, but decided not to cite her despite their report alleging drug and alcohol use.

The Significant Incident Report submitted by detectives said they pulled over Fugazi Friday night after witnessing her run three flashing stop signs downtown. Her car smelled like marijuana and they found a cup containing alcohol and an empty bottle of Hennessey. The report said Fugazi’s passenger, boyfriend Tremaine Manning, admitted smoking marijuana and drinking and appeared highly intoxicated. The officers didn’t cite Fugazi and allowed her to drive home. Fugazi denied the details of the police report and said she didn’t know why she was pulled over.

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“If it had been me, and someone else in my seat, they definitely would’ve took us both to jail, if not, had us both in the police department and ran our names,” said California Cuts barbershop owner Sante Gayle. Gayle went to high school with Manning and had Fugazi’s campaign sign in his shop window.

Gayle, who is black, questions whether Fugazi was pulled over because her passenger was a black man, but didn’t get a ticket, because she’s a white woman.

“I’ve been pulled over 30 times by police on just suspicion,” said Gayle.

Stockton Police said in a statement the traffic stop was during Operation Ceasefire’s gang sweep. The officers decided not to cite Fugazi and got back to their mission instead. Stockton Police said it does not use racial profiling in any operations.

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Several Stockton residents, however, question why the officers let three traffic violations slide.

“If it was true, they would have given her at least one ticket for one stop sign,” said Stockton resident Rob Willis.

“I hear stories about famous people kind of get away unless it’s too big,” said Zach Ogren, wondering if Fugazi’s new status as an elected official gave her special treatment.

The Stockton Police Officers Association and supporters questioned Fugazi’s truthfulness in her interview with Stockton Safe Streets’ Facebook page.

“I think it’s crazy there are two sides to this story,” said new Stockton resident Laura Chance.
“Who is doing what and not fabricate stories especially people being elected soon.”

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Stockton Police said officers typically write Significant Incident Reports whenever they have any contact with city officials. The department said an inquiry prompted an administrative review of the traffic stop.