DONNER PASS (CBS13) — Caltrans trucks are ready to roll in the Sierra as the threat of a storm sparks the first blizzard warnings in the region since January 2008.

“This is the biggest collection of snow removal equipment in the state,” said Caltrans area superintendent Dave Wood.


He says he’s at maximum staff, with “literally legions of people” at work.

Caltrans brought in two massive trucks that will act as pushers, clearing stalled big rigs from the freeway.


Road graders used in the summer to build freeways can clear snow two lanes at a time during the winter.

Caltrans also has snowblowers capable of moving 2,500 tons of snow an hour.

They will need all of it to battle a storm that’s prompted the state’s first blizzard warning in nearly seven years.

Caltrans team leaders will also carry chainsaws for downed tree branches that could block roads.


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