KINGVALE (CBS13) – After nearly 24 straight hours of snow, the mighty Sierra storm is finally starting to slow.

Earlier Friday morning at a gas station off Interstate 80 near Kingvale, drivers were digging out yet again. This same tractor was moving snow last night at 10 o’clock last night when we were here – and sure enough, it was the same story when we pulled up about 6 a.m.

The roads were still a bit of a mess, so there were a few minor spinouts.

We met this trucker who came from much warmer temps. He had to stop on the shoulder after he had a problem with his chains.

“I was driving up from L.A. yesterday so the weather was a little nicer on that run,” said trucker Brent John.

The storm dumped nearly two feet of fresh snow in the higher elevations.

Many ski resorts had to close yesterday due to high winds, but they’re expecting a busy day and an even better weekend.

However, at this point, it still won’t be an easy drive to get up here.


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