MODESTO (CBS13) — A south Modesto neighborhood says the county’s attempt to help ease flooding near their homes is actually making things worse.

Historically the Parklawn neighborhood has had flooding issues when it rains. But neighbors say they’re still dealing with a muddy mess days after the rain, thanks to the county’s flood-control effort.

Public works deputy director Colt Esenwein says the county has been putting in new sewer pipes in the neighborhood. Instead of filling the large holes back in with dirt all the way, it left ditches to help collect stormwater.

“Within this neighborhood typically the roads are a little higher than the intersections and the water all runs and floods the intersections, whenever there is a major storm event, and they become lakes,” he said.

But neighbors say the ditches take up parking and the standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

“Whey say we are supposed to report standing water because of the mosquito problem—well they created their standing water problem, so can I turn the county in to the county?” said resident Dale Wheeler.

Esenwein says the construction is not yet finished, however the ditches are already keeping water out of the roadways.

“From a public safety standpoint, flooded intersections are not OKm and we are not OK with that,” he said “We are not putting water on their property, we are putting it in the rights of way and we are doing the best thing we think for the neighborhood.”

The county says it could take another two months during the rainy winter months before the project is complete.

The $3 million project is funded by a state grant.


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