DAVIS (CBS13) – A Grinch who was caught on video stealing outdoor Christmas lights from a Davis family over the weekend appears to have had a change of heart.

Neil Michel, who lives in the home, told CBS13 that all of the stolen lights were sitting on his doorstep this morning. He posted video of his kids going outside, finding the lights and bringing them inside.

He also posted this video of a bearded man in a hooded sweatshirt, who appears to be the suspect, returning the lights at around 10:20 p.m. Wednesday. This time he knows this time he’s being watched. He waves at the camera twice — once as he jumps the front fence, and again he drops the lights at the front entry.

The thief was caught on surveillance video Sunday night pulling the colored lights down from the front entry and fence of the home, just hours after Michel and his family put them up.

“At some some point, he made it into the yard and that’s where you see the great footage of him walking along the side of the house — kind of staggering along,” Michel said.

Michel has lived in the home for 10 years and says he isn’t surprised about the thefts.

“Living downtown in a college town you, are part of the college experience. We see a lot of idiotic behavior in and put up with it,” he said.

Michel has since put up new lights around the home.

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