ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – Whether you order it sunny side up, scrambled or over easy, eggs are essential at Four Sisters Café.

“Especially during breakfast,” said owner Gina Sanders.

The Roseville cafe goes through 9,000 eggs a week. That’s close to half a million eggs a year.

So when prices spike, Sanders starts to notice.

“Our egg prices have gone up quite a bit in the past three months, actually,” Sanders said.

And the trend may continue. A new law requires hens be housed in cages with enough space to stretch their wings.

But are restaurants crying fowl to the rising cost of eggs?

“I think you just have to learn to adjust and make things work because you’re not going to change it,” Sanders said. “You just need to find a way to make your business thrive regardless of what’s going on outside of it.”

Cookies and Milk, a late night delivery service in Sacramento, doesn’t plan to serve up the cost to customers.

“If you did that every time, your customers would be shocked a new price every month,” said Cookies and Milk CEO William Countryman.

You won’t see eggs on the menu here at Dr. Bob’s Donuts. The vegan shop says it was intentional.

“Anything we can do to reverse what we’ve done to our animals and the way we treat our food these days, I’m fully supportive of that,” said Tasha Richards from Dr. Bob’s Donuts.

As for Four Sisters, not having eggs is not an option. So, at least for now, they’ll wait and see what hatches.

“If it came down to us not being in business versus increasing prices, I suppose we would but we try to keep things steady,” Sanders said.

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