Asante Mlenga is a tutor at La Familia Counseling Center, and was inspired by her own students to enroll at Sacramento City College to develop her path into Childhood Development within the discipline of the Social Sciences.

(Photo Courtesy of Asante Mlenga)

(Photo Courtesy of Asante Mlenga)

Mlenga earned her GED at just 18 years old – after having completed her sophomore year of high school. She says, “Long story short – I was on my own with no guidance.” Since then, she has been helping others to also get their GEDs. “I often learn more from my students than I feel I am serving them sometimes. Everyone learns differently based upon how they process information; and I am grateful the no-cost program came into my life through word of mouth early in life.”

“Completing my GED was not difficult because of all the resources at La Familia.” Mlenga says. “There were regular classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays; and I completed the preparation program in two weeks in order to pass the test. Now I tutor others to do the same.”

Mlenga already had English and math – from algebra to trigonometry – under her belt; and so with the GED preparation book, and mentoring in history and science provided by La Familia, Mlenga was able to pass the exam.

Mlenga’s visions of making greater contributions to society are, “to help others and to motivate and push others to do better; so I need to model what I tutor.”

La Familia is an all encompassing community counseling center that offers free services to children, teens, adults, seniors, dislocated workers, veterans and low-income populations. The center operates on funding that helps sustain mental health and health services; as well as educational, employment, and leadership programs which clients could not otherwise afford.

Donations can be streamlined to go to these different services including kids’ participation in neighborhood sports leagues, karate classes and field trips to places they have never seen. There is even an option to provide direct funding to job seekers for professional attire, transportation to job interviews and assistance in obtaining their GEDs.

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